Discovery Centre: Beyond Rubik's Cube

Discovery Centre: Beyond Rubik's Cube
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Discovery Centre’s latest feature exhibit Beyond Rubik’s Cube!  

Opening: Friday, October 25th, 2019 

43 Quintillion Possibilities. 1 Simple Solution.  

Let the Discovery Centre help you solve the “What to do this weekend?” puzzle.  

Beyond Rubik’s Cube is a multi-sensory, interactive experience in robotics, art, music, computer programming, and engineering that celebrates over 40 years of creativity based on world’s most popular puzzle. 

In three exhibit zones, Invent, Play, and Inspire, visitors can examine first-hand how a small puzzle became, and remains, a phenomenon that resonates with a global audience. Highlights include: 

  • Program a robot to follow your commands through a maze 
  • Learn to solve a Rubik’s Cube through animated instructions collaborate on incredible digital patterns on the interactive touch tables
  • Get creative and compose your own haiku with the Haikube
  • Engineer your own masterpiece with the music-making Cube Symphony
  • Manipulate a giant working cube and see the innerworkings

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Event Date: 25/10/19 to 06/01/20