The Downtown Parking Pitch

“Every great place has a parking problem, and trying to solve the parking problem often weakens the place. People come for place, not parking.” – Brent Toderian

So what can be done? The two extreme positions are that we can obsess over “solving” the Downtown Halifax parking problem, or we can throw up our hands and not address any issues at all. The sensible course is to look at the issues and address the ones we can address. Let’s make parking, if not convenient, then less frustrating. Let’s ensure that there is an adequate supply of parking and then make sure people know where to park. Let’s accept that, although parking represents a competitive disadvantage, it also represents a revenue stream that can be reinvested into enhancing the many competitive advantages that Downtown does possess.

The Downtown Parking Pitch is meant to identify many of the issues related to parking, what to do about them, and who needs to be doing them. A number of incremental actions can substantially improve the experience of Downtown parking.